Three Keys for Social Media Success!

Three Keys for Social Media Success!


Yes, I'm guilty too! My projects and marketing take back burner all the time, and I would do well to heed my own advice.

As I was trying to think of something that would shock you out of the water I came up with three simple keys that enable anyone to have an effective social media strategy.

Authenticity -- Don't portray yourself to be something that you're not. Be yourself and others will respect you for that.

Simplicity -- Don't be gimmick driven. Don't add drama when it doesn't need to be added. If you're selling a product or service -- tell the facts and let that bring in business.

Consistency -- Keep at it. Don't give up! It's not always the strong that win the battle, it's the true and the faithful that keep at it!

I find myself coming back to these simple basics. Just like fitness it's not a new, revolutionary program that's going to make a difference. It's personal motivation and dedication to reaching a goal that will bring results.

Do Your Dishes

dirty dishes

I just realized something rather shocking.
I'll be doing dishes the rest of my life.

This is not the voice of some complaining three-year-old who's gotten fed up with family chores, -- I've heard those -- this is the realization of an adult, who understands that dirty dishes will be a part of my life till I die.

I grew up with a good number of brothers and sisters, so for me -- doing the dishes was not a quick and easy task. As a youngster it was the kind of chore that pretty much every one dreaded.

Ever looking for a quick and easy way to get the task done, I was apt to cut corners. Just like everyone else, that decision would usually come back to haunt me, when the next day someone, (usually Dad or Mom) would find dishes that were less than satisfactorily cleaned.

First question asked was, "Who did the dishes last night?"
Suddenly, my actions were exposed!

Looking back, it was good training. Not only does my wife appreciate my ability to whip through our stack of dishes with thoroughness, but the discipline has overflowed to other areas of life as well.

Running a freelance business is not really as glamorous as many people think.

From an outsiders perspective, there is freedom and flexibility. From an insiders perspective it's kind of like a little kid, left in the kitchen with a stack of dished that never seems to end.

It can be overwhelming.
It can be discouraging.

It can also be rewarding.

Most people I know are in business because they want to help other people. There are unending ways to do this -- but just like dishes, everyone must deal with the messy routines.


These may seem like meaningless tasks that must be repeated throughout the course of our life, but without them our lives would be a complete disaster.

It's Monday.
Another week.
Have at it.
Go do your dishes!