Social Media

Confession time. I don't have a single follower on my Facebook page.

In fact, just for fun, I just created it.

You're probably thinking that I'm crazy, as I'm a social media manager for other Facebook pages.

Truth be told, I don't care about being number one. I don't care about having a million follower (through I suppose it would be nice).

I just care about helping others grow their business.

Here's the deal.

For all the people that are sharing what they had for breakfast on Facebook, and posting picts of their afternoon activities on Instagram, and tweeting their wisdom on Twitter -- many people would just assume a life without the hectic pace of social media.

Or, perhaps... social media is an accurate reflection of life in general, and deep-down inside, people long for a simpler life style without all the complications that modern technology reveals.

I've casually picked up on people's dissatisfaction with both the hectic pace of social media and also the underlying lack of authenticity that so many people feel. "There's so much junk on the internet...", "There's so much to waste my time...", "It's mostly fake [not genuine] stuff..." These are a few of common sentiments that I've heard people mention casually in conversation.

The reality it, that social media won't go away.

As a business owner you can leverage your online presence to reach and help more people.

Most likely you didn't go into business to run a Facebook page. But don't give up so quickly.

Two words that I want to share with you.



In other words, just be real. Don't get caught up with all the trends, but look for a meaningful way to boost the connection between your online presence and real world people.

Just ponder these two word for a month or so, and see how it might transform your perspective and practice.